Terms & Conditions

All children become eligible for the

  • Nursery Education Grant (NEG) from the beginning of a term after their third birthday. NEG funds up to 15hrs of free early education a week up to 38 weeks a year during term time. The nursery will apply for the NEG on behalf of the child and you will receive a full account on how this is accounted for.

  • The additional hourly rates which are variable are available for all parents to see. These fees fluctuate according to how many hours you register for as well as how many weeks we are open per term.

  • Once your child turns 3yrs old we will only offer 5 sessions as minimum from the term following their 3rd birthday as we believe that this is most beneficial for the preparation of your child’s cognitive development and to be ‘school ready.’

  • We are also registered for children entitled to ‘NEG2’ which also funds 15hrs of free early education each week and ’30 hrs’ for working parents with 3/4yr olds.

  • Fees are payable in advance, for the week ahead, on the first day of the week that your child attends the nursery. You may pay fortnightly, per half term or full term.


  • Our BACS Details are:
    Abbey Nursery School Ltd
    sort code: 40-07-27
    acc no: 41538160 

  • A £20.00 administration fee is required to register your child at the nursery. The nursery will also require a copy of the child’s birth certificate and proof of address, e.g. council tax, or utility bill, to fulfil registration requirements.

  • Registration documents must be read and signed to ensure a place at the nursery.


  • Full fees are to be paid for all days registered, regardless of any time taken off during term time for holidays or any other reason.

  • Please call and inform the nursery if your child is absent from nursery for any reason.

  • Any absence for more than 1 day must be reported to the nursery with a letter explaining the absence.


One month notice is required when removing a child from the nursery otherwise 4 weeks fees are to be paid.